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Heavy Duty Car CoversFully 100% totally waterproof grey vinyl with a soft cotton lining. These covers are UV, frost treated and have welded seams so water won't leak through. They have vents to prevent condensation build up and are guaranteed for twelve months. Recommended for long term/over winter storage, project or non-watertight cars!

They attach with strong elastic front and rear, adjustable straps, and elasticated bungee hooks on each corner. Available in different sizes, supplied with a storage bag and an optional cable lock.

These covers are being phased out in favour of the new Waterproof & Breathable car covers which offer a better fit and breathability, for a very similar price.

HDW-S Heavy duty waterproof cover Size S £157.00 SOLD OUT
Suitable for new Mini, Lotus Elise, MX-5, Mercedes SLK, TVR Chimaera/Griffith/new Tuscan, Golf Mk I, Ferrari 246 Dino and similar sized cars
HDW-M Heavy duty waterproof cover Size M £163.00 SOLD OUT
Suitable for Audi TT, BMW Z3/4, Lotus Esprit, Maserati 3200, Mercedes SL, Golf ('03 on), Ferrari 275, Boxer, 308, 328, 348, F355, Porsche 911, 944, 968, Boxster and similar sized cars
HDW-L Heavy duty waterproof cover Size L £172.00 SOLD OUT
Suitable for BMW 3-series (E46 all), Lexus IS200/250, Maserati 4200, Mercedes CLK, Ferrari 250, Daytona, 360, F430, 550/575, 612, Mondial, Porsche 928 and similar sized cars
HDW-LL Heavy duty waterproof cover Size LL £180.00 SOLD OUT
Suitable for Aston Martin DB7/9, BMW 5-series, Jaguar XK/XK8/S-Type, XJS, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes E-Class, Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari Daytona, 456, 400/412, Testarossa/512, and similar sized cars
HDW-XL1 Heavy duty waterproof cover Size XL1 £192.00 Add to
Suitable for Lexus LS400 and similar sized cars
HDW-XL3 Heavy duty waterproof cover Size XL2 £215.00 Add to
Suitable for Bentley Arnage / Turbo R and similar very large sized cars

Cable LockCable Lock - Loop this lockable cable through your car cover's grommets for ideal security. The Lock and Cable keeps your car cover on your vehicle when high winds, vandals and thieves pass through.

Made of a sturdy steel cable that’s wrapped in vinyl, the cover lock completes the protection provided by your car cover. Ideal for long-term storage.

Cable lock - £10.00 - Add To Basket

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