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Custom Car Luggage - Hills Alive Bespoke Luggage Solutions

We have worked with Hills Alive, well regarded UK manufacturers of Custom made luggage since they started and have seen the quality and close fit achieved on many models.It is no longer possible to order directly from them, so the only outlets worldwide are us or our sister websites.
All luggage is fully stiffened and shaped to fit the luggage space for maximum practicality. They are light weight yet strong and are made of a smart, abrasion-resistant polyester available in a range of colours, with brushed nylon linings.
• Shaped to fit the luggage space for maximum practicality
• Fully stiffened so the bags are always the same shape
• Smart abrasion-resistant polyester material in a range of colours
• Brushed nylon linings
• Clip off shoulder strap for ease of carrying
• Light weight

Average delivery is 6-8 weeks after your order is placed. Because our products are bespoke the delivery time may be longer depending upon requirements. However, if you have a deadline for delivery please contact us after placing your order or place a note in the comments box and we will try our hardest to assist you.
Once placed, being bespoke, all orders are final. We cannot accept any refund requests once the item has gone into production.

If your car is not listed please contact us as new patterns may be produced.
Below you can see an image of our colour swatches for our bespoke luggage. Whilst the image below gives a good guide on colour if you are at all unsure please contact us to request a sample.


Custom luggage products for ALFA   (change)

ALFA Duetto Spyder (boat tail)



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ALFA Duetto Spyder (boat tail)



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