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Motorhome (RV) cover - Breathable and Water Resistant 4-layer Covers for year-round protection

Motorhome CoverOur motorhome covers are manufactured from high quality, heavy duty 4 ply polypropylene fabric. These Recreational Vehicle covers offer the best possible protection for your RV against wind, rain and airborne pollution at a great low price!

Our covers are:

  • Breathable, so can be placed on a wet vehicle and which won’t sweat, preventing the growth of algae and mould
  • Made from a 4 layer fabric, comprising 3 layers of spun polypropelene for protection from rain and dirt, plus a breathable membrane which lets condensation and moisture out
  • Provides offers excellent protection from UV, keeping your motorhome cool in summer
  • Give superior water resistance – only the heaviest of prolonged downpour will penetrate anywhere, and any moisture will soon evaporate back out with breeze or sun as vapour
  • Offers protection from the elements - wind, rain, show, hail, frost, birds, cats, leaves
  • Provides protection from prying eyes and fingers, scratches from kids bikes and passers by
  • Keeps your RV free of bird mess, tree sap, verdigris, moss, mould, leaves and general dirt which takes so long to remove in the spring. Put it away clean in the autumn and its ready to use in the spring.
  • Straightforward to fit, with elasticated corners and hem, and nylon straps to adjust for a perfect fit - why go to the expense of a custom made motorhome cover?
  • Zips allow easier placement on the vehicle and access once covered.
  • Straps, zips and buckles guaranteed for 2 years from manufacturing defects.

Storage BagSimply covering your motor home with a cover can save hours of work!

All covers have elasticated hems to provide a snug fit in addition to multiple securely stitched nylon webbing straps with fast-clip buckles to secure the cover firmly over your caravan. It will not blow off.

Includes storage bag for when the cover is not in use.

Six sizes for a perfect fit:


If your motorhome is wider/lower, calculating the distance from the ground to ground over the top should give guidance on fit. If the height is different, for example, it simply means seams will not perfectly align on the corners but cover performance will not be affected.

Note - to the best of our knowledge there are no standard fit covers on the UK market longer than these. We frequently receive calls from people checking our other websites too. But we can produce custom made covers, typically £5-600 - please call or e-mail us to discuss.

If you require a Green cover please state this in the free format box at checkout.

Up to 19 feet (up to 5.7m)  RV Cover (Grey)

RV1 £139.95 Add to basket

19-20 feet (5.7-6.1)       RV Cover (Grey)    

RV2 £144.95 Add to basket

20-21 feet (6.1-6.5)       RV Cover (Grey)     

RV3 £149.95 Add to basket

21-23 feet (6.5-7m)        RV Cover (Grey)

RV4 £159.95 Add to basket

23–25 feet (7.0-7.5m)     RV Cover (Grey)  


RV5 £169.95 Add to basket

25–27 feet (7.5-8.0m)     RV Cover (Grey)  


RV6 £179.95 Add to basket





Motorhome cover straps, zips and velcro tag to secure zips

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