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Rolls-Royce and Bentley car covers for indoor & outdoor protection

Wherever you keep your Rolls-Royce or Bentley you need to protect it from knocks, scrapes, dust, damp, birds and the elements. If you've invested time and money in making your car look its best, you want it to stay that way.

We supply standardised fit or custom covers, indoor and outdoor, to suit every Rolls Royce and Bentley type, from Continental GT to Corniche, Silver Shadow to Phantom, modern and classic. We are regular exhibitors at the RREC National Concours. Red cover on the lawn (below) is a Custom Indoor cover for Bentley Turbo R LWB.

Indoor car covers - overview

Bentley Custom Indoor Indoor covers protect your car whilst in the garage. Standard fit poly-cotton covers come in powder blue, Soft Stretch covers come in a choice of 4 colours, will hug your car and are available in sizes to fit all production Rolls-Royce and Bentleys. See separate page for Soft Stretch covers from top menu 'Standard Covers'.

Custom Made covers are made either of a thick cotton acrylic with a soft fleece lining (like a quality sweatshirt), or Custom Peachskin covers, in a choice of colours.

Choose a standard fit cover from the table below, or have a custom made car cover produced to order for your individual Rolls Royce or Bentley.

I recently ordered a cover for my Rolls Royce Camargue and am very happy with this.  Now I need a cover for another car… M. Nitta, Switzerland, November 2016

Peachskin custom made breathable fabrics for indoor dust protection.

The middle ground option between a standard fit cover and our £299 Custom indoor covers, typically costing around £200. Custom made in the UK in a few days, with mirror pockets, supplied in a drawstring bag, for the following models and more (see database for full list). They are lightly shower resistant so suitable for touring or occasional outdoor use. They are fully Breatheable, lightweight so easy to put on, machine washable and dust proof.

Colours: Red, Navy Blue, Black, Charcoal grey, Dark Green, Sand.

Continental GT/C, Flying Spur

Arnage (SWB, LWB)

Silver Spur (original and 2014 models)

Phantom, Ghost, Silver Shadow I and II

Custom Peachskin Indoor car cover for: Bentley Continental GT (left) and Rolls Royce Ghost (right)
Standard fit generic covers, in light blue, include a zip (with flap to prevent scratches), which allows you to enter the car without removing your car cover. They are 'car shaped' and each end is elasticated so the car cover won’t slip off. Standard fit is delivered overnight. Optional logo, add £30. Our Soft Stretch covers (see separate page from 'Standard Covers' drop down menu above) will also fit the smaller cars.

Totally waterproof custom made outdoor covers.

Our heavy duty cotton fabric is Fluorocoated to reject water using a high tech nano-technology coating so your car stays totally dry. With double strength elastic both ends, mirror pockets, underbody straps and a choice of colours they are perfect for cars kept outside.

Custom made to order in approx.3-4 days.

Choose from: Red, black, dark green, navy blue.

Models - see database and/or list of Peachskin covers above

Custom Indoor Cover Custom made indoor covers (as shown in brown, at top in burgundy and blue) are individually hand made to order for each car and can have pockets for wing mirrors, spoilers, phone aerials etc. The material is hand made (in England). Custom indoor is thicker material than Peachskin, padded and slightly stretchy, the very best available, which hugs your bodywork. They are made in your choice of 16 colours and you can choose a matching or contrasting piping.

Logo available, additional £30.

Rolls Royce Ghost Custom Indoor cover

Custom colours (Indoor) available: Silver, royal blue, black, navy blue, purple, stone, British Racing green, white, lime green, sky blue, burgundy, red, old gold, orange, grey and yellow.

To choose the correct size cover for your car if not listed in Table, please select from the database below:


Model Rolls-Royce and Bentley Indoor Cover Code Price Order
Continental GT & Convertible SIC-D £105.00 Add To
Silver Shadow I-III, Corniche, Camargue, T-series, Flying Spur SIC-E £108.00 Add To
Phantom IV, V, VI, Silver Cloud (SWB, LWB), Silver Spirit, Silver Spur, Silver Wraith (all), Arnage, Azure, Turbo R, Continental R/T/SC/S1-III, R-Type, Mark VI SIC-F £110.00 Add To

Breatheable Outdoor Covers

Ideal for cars in every day use as they can be put on a wet car. The Breathable fabric allows moisture to escape, but they are typically 95-98% waterproof. They are hand made with welded seams. The fabric naturally resists rot and mildew and they are Guaranteed for 12 months. They come in a bag so you can pack them easily and store when not in use or travelling. Strong elastic both ends and underbody strap keeps them in place.

We offer two fabrics:

Standard Breathable covers - a 3-layer soft spongy fabric with breathable membrane sandwich

Protector4 fleece-lined outdoor covers - as above but with a soft lining, so a 4 layer fabric

Protector4 Fleece-Lined Breathable car cover on Bentley Brooklands

Model Rolls-Royce and Bentley Breatheable outdoor covers Code Price Order
Silver Shadow I-III, Corniche, Camargue, Continental GT, Corniche, T-Series





Add To

Add To

Phantom IV, V, VI, New Phantom, Silver Cloud (SWB, LWB), Silver Spirit, Silver Spur, Silver Wraith (all), Arnage, Azure, Turbo R, Continental R/T/SC/S1-III, R-Type, Mark VI





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Add To

Custom made breathable cover, 4 year warranty LSR-X £375.00 Add To

Heavy Duty Waterproof & Breathable Outdoor Covers

A breathable cover can be put on a wet car, a waterproof one cannot. A cover that offers both features is the most flexible cover you can buy. This is precisely that cover.

If your car is wet after a drive out you can put the cover on – moisture already on it will breathe back out, and new rain, snow or sleet will not penetrate it. Likewise, bird bombs, tree sap and rain-borne industrial effluent will also be locked out.

Your car will become dry, or remain dry, if the cover was applied dry.The qWaterproof and Breathable covers' wetsuit technology fabric is stretchy, and it will fit even the largest Rolls-Royce and Bentley models.

It’s also very soft and durable, and with its close fit won’t move about in even strong winds, thereby preventing scratching and marring. Its waterproof membrane will not degrade in bright sunlight and become crumbly, though continued bright sunlight may gradually fade the cover in parts.These new car covers are suitable for indoor use too, as well as all climates outdoors. The covers come in a discreet grey colour.

These replace the Heavy Duty Waterproof covers.

Model Rolls-Royce and Bentley Waterproof & Breathable outdoor car covers Code Price Order
Continental GT & Convertible W-B-XL £209.00 Add To
Silver Shadow I-III, Corniche, Phantom VI, Corniche, Flying Spur, T-series W-B-3XL £229.00 Add To
Camargue, Phantom IV, V, VI, new Phantom, Silver Cloud (SWB/LWB), Silver Spirit, Silver Spur, Silver Wraith (all), Arnage, Azure, Continental R/T/SC/SI-III, R-Type, Mk VI W-B-3XL £229.00

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