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Welcome to CarCoverShop, leading specialists dedicated to helping you protect and preserve your car.

We provide:

- superior Soft Stretch, standard fit and custom made indoor car covers

- breathable and/or waterproof standard fit, or fully custom made, outdoor car covers

- hearse, caravan, campervan and motorhome covers

- silky launch / reveal covers for car launches and handovers – many colours, shipped worldwide to dealers, manufacturers and agencies

If your marque is covered by the specialist pages indicated on the right, browse there first, if not use the database to select the perfect cover below. Our database lists covers for over 3,000 cars. There is a separate database for Soft Stretch covers under the 'Standard Covers' drop down menu above.

We are the experts in care and preservation of your motoring assets, with over 14 years experience advising customers worldwide. We specialise in Bespoke commissions  - statues, outdoor artworks, State coaches, boats and classic cars. We can manufacture from pictures and dimension info.

We also stock Meaco dehumidifiers, CTEK and Accumate battery conditioners, AirChambers and Door Protection pads.

Shipping worldwide – USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe – anywhere, at best rates with FedEx

Gap Stop - universal, flexible garage door seals which increase the efficiency of your dehumidifier by keeping draughts out and keep leaves, dust and rain outside. Easy DIY fit. [details]

Ordering is simple and quick, backed by efficient delivery and helpful, knowledgeable customer service. Please contact us on 01780-65 40 88 if you require any further information or assistance.

To choose the correct size cover for your car, please select from the main database below.

For models not listed please phone or e-mail us.

The Soft Stretch covers database is here:



We have a small number of custom made Covercraft outdoor breathable car covers in stock, ready for immediate despatch, rather than waiting the customary 3-4 weeks for them.

VW Golf 2005-2010 Block-It Fabric, grey outdoor car cover RRP £289 offered at £175 Add To



All are supplied box fresh after single use indoors on a photo shoot on a very clean car. All have mirror pockets, come in a bag and are boxed. Colour is grey.


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